This page will be dedicated to sharing a few general tips for playing the game and a few helpful (or random) little tidbits about Castle Chase you may or may not have known.


The controls are listed in the README file included with the game. Here they are again though!

Map Screen

Directional keys - Move character and navigate through game's menus
Shift - Dash
Enter/Space - Talks with characters, examines areas, makes menu selections
X - Opens Item Menu
S - Uses currently selected item
A and D - Shuffle left and right through the Item Hud

If you use an item while facing a character, you will show them the item.
You can save your game at anytime by using the Diary in your inventory.


A / Left - Move cursor left
D / Right - Move cursor right
S / Enter / Space - Assign item to slot

General Tips and Odd Tidbits

  • As mentioned on the features page, the Hint Babes in the game are there to help you, don't forget to make use of them. The girls are Haily, Gigi, Sally, Candice, and Elisa and each one corresponds with a different ending. They appear at random throughout the castle.

  • Unlocking all the endings in the game will give you access to the Trailer in the bonus menu. So get cracking!

  • There are some items that can be used randomly throughout the castle without modifying the game play. An example is the mop, which you can use anywhere to play a small animation of Monica cleaning the floor. She can even use it on the rugs and in the grass--that odd little Princess. There are more items that play random animations; try them out and see for yourself!

  • “Who could that last ending be?” a question that's worthy of being mentioned. Want to figure it out without resorting to the spoiler ridden walkthrough? Use the content in the Bonus menu to your advantage!

  • Monica's full name, Monica Logelin, is a play on the word monologue, in light of her constant moments of talking to the player.

  • The "Red Herring" is a small and subtle tribute to the amazing Monkey Island games.

  • The series that Milly is constantly parodying is the anime Code Geass. Her name being one of the characters, Arthur being the name of the cat in the show, and her love for the Encyclopaedia Britannia because of its extra definition of the word zero are all hints towards this.

  • The book Hubert is doing his book report on is a parody of the Vocaloid song by the same name, Magnet.

  • That line in Erol's ending? Don't worry, Makio meant for it to sound that wrong.

  • "Kitty" is the single most useful item in the entire game. Don't you forget it! This may or may not be because both of the game's designers are cat people.

  • One ending in the game only exists because the artist took a liking to the character's sprite design. Saying things like "He reminds me of 'classified information' from 'classified information' don't you think!?" Eventually she got her way and got an ending.

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