During the course of the game, the player will be faced with many options in order to help Monica pick her date for the evening. Castle Chase has a total of ten different endings that can be achieved in a variety of ways! Will Monica end up with the man of her dreams or will she be forced to be with someone against her will? It's up to you to decide!

Running around in circles and you don't know what to do? Found a neat item, but you can't imagine what it might be for? Your greatest resource is right there with you within Castle Logelin's walls! The servant girls love to gossip, and know a lot about what's going on in the castle at each turn of the game. Talk to them or show them your items for helpful hints and tips, however don't think you can rely on them for everything. Some endings you're just going to have to find for yourself!

New to the Deluxe version of Castle Chase is a way to track how many endings you've completed by saving a general system data. Also new to deluxe is a Bonus menu featuring lots of information about the game's characters and more unlocked as you play the game! Be sure to hang onto your system data, because it can later be transferred to the sequel game "Castle Chase 2: Hahm Kingdom's Ploy (working title)" to alter the game play based on your decisions. Unlock as much of Castle Chase as you can to enrich your experiences later in the series!

Castle Chase features a large amount of original artwork to help give the game a unique look amongst its fellow RPGMakerVX games. The tilesets and sprites have been altered to further originate the game. The Deluxe edition of the game has yet another exciting new edition in store, along with the main castle theme of the game is an all new soundtrack of songs composed just for Castle Chase by the wonderful Tarranon!

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